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Join our Basic Maritime Courses and take your first step towards fulfilling your dreams for a rewarding and fruitful career at sea. Curriculum Approved By Directorate General of Shipping , Govt. of India

Kamaxi Maritime Academy- STCW courses
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We are part of the Kamaxi group who are industry leaders in recruiting individuals in the Cruise industry.

Our training team is our strength .

We work closely with Shipping Industry experts for the latest in training methods for all our courses.

Our Courses

Our six holistic courses are designed to equip you with all the necessary knowledge and skills required to join the industry.

Kamaxi Maritime Academy- Basic STCW Safety Training
Basic STCW Safety Training Course (BST)

Basic STCW Safety Training (BST) is the minimum legal requirement for anyone looking to work aboard any commercial vessel.

Kamaxi Maritime Academy- Basic STCW Safety Training
Security Training for Seafarers with Designated Security Duties (STSDSD)

The STSDSD course is designed to provide seafarers with designated security duties with knowledge required in connection with a Ship Security Plan (SSP) in compliance with SOLAS regulations, the ISPS code and the STCW Code as may be applicable.

Kamaxi Maritime Academy- Basic STCW Safety Training
Refresher Training for Proficiency in FPFF ( RFPFF)

This is the full course of 5 years validity for R-FPFF. The candidates who already have a PART A Certificate (18 months valid) can book R-FPFF PART B Course

Kamaxi Maritime Academy- STCW courses
Refresher Training for Proficiency in PST (RPST)

This course aims to meet the mandatory minimum standards of competence in personal safety and social responsibilities in accordance with section A-VI/1 of the STCW Code, table A-VI/1-4.

Our Facilities

Our state-of-the-art campus is equipped with the best facilities to help the students gain hands-on training to further their careers in the maritime industry.

Kamaxi Maritime Academy- STCW maritime courses
Kamaxi Maritime Academy- STCW Training courses
Our Vision

Our holistic approach to training will ensure that our trainees will always be seen as quality trained professionals and above the benchmark in all respects

Our Mission

Kamaxi Maritime Academy aims to become globally recognized as being a center for excellence in training.

About Kamaxi

Kamaxi is quintessentially a people’s organization. Here, we believe in bridging the gap between people’s aspirations, aptitude and skills to help them realize their professional dreams. Under the Kamaxi umbrella, several businesses and social initiatives work relentlessly towards training, educating and grooming people from all walks of life and helping them find thriving employment opportunities.

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